One thing that so many adults say that bothers me is how our time in college are the best years of our lives.  I know they say this to inspire me to like have fun and what-not but this really makes me think about the future and how my life will turn out.  Is everyone really that unhappy with their adult lives?  I mean yea, I’ve seen so many adults with regrets and desire to change their lives but I am determined to build a life that doesn’t make me wish I had done something different job-wise.  Like of course I want to have a career that makes me a good amount of money. But even more importantly I want to do something that means something.  It sounds cheesy, I know, but I feel like a lot of the reason people aren’t happy with their lives is due to them choosing a career that doesn’t make them happy.

It’s scary to think that there is so much weight on a decision that we don’t even really have total control over.  And by that I mean you can know exactly what you want to do with your life but the hard part is often just getting there.  I can only hope that I somehow go the right way with my life but at this point how can I know?  College is such a weird time for figuring this all out.  It’s like you’re pulled in one direction without even knowing if it’s the right way for you.  I can’t even decide if my major is right for me or not.  So often I feel like majoring in english is pointless and boring but other times I feel like I might actually be learning some useful skills, especially if I do law school.

Recently one of my professors said something that fit with the name of the site.  He said, “The more we see and learn, the less we can know for sure.  I am dumber now than I have ever been.”  The more you think about it, the truer it gets.

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