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One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to be mindful of the things that you put into your body.  What we eat has a tremendous impact on our physical and mental well-being. Lately I have been increasingly aware of the amount of unhealthy, processed foods all around me.  They are usually cheap, easy to make, and convenient to buy. Which is why we find them so ingrained in the American diet, especially. Our culture revolves around getting as much done in as little amount of time as possible and “fast food” becomes an asset to this busy lifestyle.  It doesn’t help that when people think of healthy eating they immediately picture an elaborate meal that takes hours to prepare and tedious planning ahead of every grocery trip. But this doesn’t have to be the case!   There are plenty of quick meals that are still healthy!  


As a busy college student I too am right in the middle of this eat-on-the-go style of living.  I see an abundance of Ramen noodles and microwave meals in every college living space I am in. This is the norm, and why wouldn’t it be?  The typical American household places little emphasis on the importance of eating clean.  This  makes this one of the last things we want to spend our time thinking about when we are trying to balance classes, extracurriculars, jobs, and social time.   But honestly, I think we’ve got it all wrong. Food is so important, and not just what we eat but also how and where we get it.


One of the best places to get healthy food for a good deal are local farmers markets.  You can get a pretty decent amount of food for a small price!  And the best part is they are locally grown!  This means not only are you supporting your community, but you are reducing your carbon footprint as well. But if you can’t find/don’t have access to one of these that’s okay.  The grocery store will have everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle too. My goal for this week’s grocery trip is to buy as much cheap produce as possible to cook throughout the week.  What and how is yet to be determined but it’ll be fun to figure out! This week I had a couple of simple and filling meals, pictured below:

Some veggie infused noodles with half an avocado cut up. I also added some spaghetti sauce and garlic salt.
Just some boiled potatoes from farmers market with vegan butter, salt, and pepper. Then some cucumbers with just salt.



I’m not going completely processed food free (hence the veggie noodles) yet, but I’m trying to keep a good balance of mostly fruits and veggies.  Let me know in the comments what some of your go to college meals are!  Here is a long grocery list to get you started with eating clean.  Also follow our new instagram account @TheLessWeKnow! Comment your username here and I’ll follow back! 


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